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Niehoff handed a copy of the blog entry to Doninger and told her to apologize to Schwartz, tell her mother about the blog entry, resign as class secretary and withdraw her candidacy, according to the lawsuit.Avery said she apologized and told her mother, but would not resign or withdraw.Dating agencies, new and existing, can tap into this fund to upgrade and professionalise themselves.How far does a school's authority go to regulate student speech?But the decision to punish her seems to be related to a much deeper issue that directly impinges upon the First Amendment in a rather pristine manner.

Vivaone They stop having events already as can be seen from SDN website where they do not have nay events.

Avery Doninger, a senior at the school in Burlington this fall, was removed as class secretary in the controversy last May.

She is asking a state judge to order the school superintendent and the principal to reinstate her as secretary of the Class of 2008 and allow her to run for re-election in September.

The event is an annual battle of the bands organized by the student council in which local musicians perform for the community, according to the complaint.

Another student council member sent an electronic mail message that day to high school parents and students, encouraging them to call the school board for Region 10, which covers Harwinton and Burlington, to express support for Jamfest.

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