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Of course I know that he is now very happy with his Bilge (good for him... I really hope that you might be specialized enough to tell me where to look for information on them..damn it..) - but I read about his 'active love life' before meeting her in several places, but... Let me firstly apologise for taking so long to get back to you; I think your mail is the first one that I've published that's taken a year for me to reply.She now lives in America, and currently works as a hairdresser in Los Angeles.It's rumoured that Tarkan visits her for a hair cut when he's in the area.The one-off issue was distributed to coincide with the release of his second album .Entitled as "Tarkan's '94 album", this special edition also outlines a relationship with another girlfriend before he hit the attention of the wider Turkish audience.Gülçin is described as being the girl that starred in the second version of the music video to the song "Vazgeçemem" from Tarkan's début album, .

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Elif had been with him at the 1st anniversary party of private Turkish TV channel ATV, where he had made the "pee gaffe" live on air, and which media mogul Ahmet Ertegün had also attended.

And to be frank, they mean little to me too, as I don't read celebrity society magazines or follow the Turkish jet set.

However, ever since he started his career, there have been a few ladies in Tarkan's life that have been mentioned more than just in passing by the society gloss.

Tarkan's affair with Gulçin didn't last long, as it's obvious from the tone of the writing in the magazine that Tarkan and Elif were becoming an item. Early 1990s to 2001 In comparison with most celebrities, Tarkan has probably had a more tame love life, but this is possibly because before he made it big in Istanbul, as the '94 special issue reveals, Tarkan had a long series of one night stands, and was almost out of control for a while in his relationships with the opposite sex.

His serious girlfriends after this period, when he started to make the headlines, has been documented in another special issue that was distributed in 2003 on the eve of his , which summarised Tarkan's life and career up to that time.

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