Who is rachel uchitel dating now

I’m just a girl from Anchorage, Alaska who grew up in New York City who fell in love a couple of times and had some tragic things happen.” Uchitel, now 42, tells the show about working as a VIP host in Las Vegas, and the famous men who she met.RELATED VIDEO: Tiger Woods arrested for DUI in Jupiter, FL After connecting with one married TV actor, they began an affair.The scandal picked up steam and cost Woods endorsement deals, golf championships — and ultimately, his marriage to Elin Nordegren.Dozens of women claimed to have had sex with Woods, and each of their claims had varying degrees of credibility.I was on the phone with Leif Garrett the other night for, like, 10 hours, as he’s baking cookies! I’m definitely lonelier on occasions, but it’s by choice, so I’m OK with that. He’s baking cookies so that he can bring them over to my apartment so that we can watch the show and eat cookies! I prefer to sit on the couch, my hair in a ponytail, no make-up on, with Leif Garrett, stuffing my face with cookies and laughing about the show. There’s no relationship with Leif—I don’t want people to read into that. I’ve learned to really appreciate the people I’ve allowed in my life. I was thinking about that the other night when I went to sleep.

PHOTOS: Model Moms That’s now a done deal and she’s already in a “serious relationship,” she told the New York Post without naming Boone.Anyway, , a documentary series on the Reelz Channel that delves into stories that turned everyday people into household names, is now sinking its teeth into the Woods and Uchitel drama. The 41-year-old, who was arrested on a DUI charge in May, also plans to enter a first-time DUI offenders program in order to reduce his charge from DUI to reckless driving, per Woods’ attorney.(In case you’re wondering, as we were, what the Reelz Channel is, it’s a channel that reaches 67 million homes via various cable and satellite networks.) The specific episode is entitled and set to air Saturday, Aug. You probably know the broad strokes of the Woods affair with Uchitel. Here’s one of the aforementioned clips: In the other clip, which you can see here, there’s an explainer given on Woods’ and Uchitel’s alleged rendezvous to the 2009 Australian Masters – a tournament Woods won two weeks before his infamous post-Thanksgiving night from which his extramarital affairs scandal exploded.Apparently this episode was being promoted Thursday on TNT during the channel’s PGA Championship coverage.Rachel Uchitel, the former VIP hostess linked to Tiger Woods in 123,456 news articles in 2010, said she was looking forward to watching "Celebrity Rehab" with Leif Garrett at her apartment and “stuffing (her) face with cookies” when we called her. Uchitel and fellow "Rehab’er" Garrett, who was arrested on February 3, 2010, for heroin possession, have “no relationship," she told FOX411in an exclusive interview.

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