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When you feel desperate, when your daily life has been so disrupted by chronic anxiety that you're ready to try anything, it's very tempting to log on and buy the next product you see. But there's a good chance that you won't get the promised results.The worse result then isn't even the money you spent, it's that you become less hopeful about ever solving the problem.They are probably doing most of their operations "legally, " but as has been mentioned before they are taking advantage of vulnerable people. My purchase price was 9, so perhaps the price has been reduced?And when they start billing people early, that's likely crossing the line, but unfortunately it's something companies can often get by with, especially when they DO give refunds to the people who were wrongly billed and bother to fight it (not all people do, which is where they make a lot of their money). There are a lot of BABIES on this board - cry-babies. LOLL, the insanity of these posts actually makes me want to KEEP the course... As for drinking 8 or 10 glasses of water daily, that is a mere healthful adjunct just as taking Vitamin B12, B6, B1 are very important for central nervous system, energy, and avoidance of depression. ) This course has been around for roughly 20 years.Lucinda and David Bassett flood late night infomercial TV with their overpriced Attacking Anxiety and Depression schlock program.They advertise a '30-day risk free trial' for just .95, the so called 'shipping/Handling charge' (inflated as any typical infomercial ripoff), the hook being that the S/H charge is all you pay for the 30 day 'trial period'.COM SHOWS U DONT HAVE TO SPEND ALOT OF $$$ On ANYTHING!i found this on a site Anxiety Scams on the Internet Anxiety scams abound on the Internet, with promises of quick cures for panic attacks, phobias, and other anxiety problems.

Yeah -- someone charged their crap to my credit card back in March 0f 2009. They have now sent me to a collections agency for something I never even ordered.

So it's important to choose your self help tools carefully, and not just grab the first promise you see. All too often, anxiety scams offer hype and hustle. How can you be an informed consumer of anxiety products?

Most importantly, how can you find something that works? Beware of quick, easy "cures" Anxiety scams, in my view, promise quick, easy results.

No sympathy - even though when I called previously every agent that I spoke to was overly sympathetic to my fragile state - having gone through the same thing themselves and using the product which helped them so much!! This program works so well that it inspired me to return to college to get my masters in professional counseling so that I could help others with this problem, using some of the methods found in the attacking anxiety program. He continued to babble on about free trial offer, not a free CD, and then the easy 8 monthly payment.. i AM SURE HE WILL CALL ME, AND I WILL, BRIEFLY AND FIRMLY TELL HIM ABOUT MY RESEARCH. More people should learn to research, before buying, and stop lining the pockets of these scam artists. The shipment alone is enough to give you a panic attack -- to much information at once.

I made a concious decision NOT to pay for the program and just to take the hit on my credit report. Today (10/1/2009) I was almost denied a job because this charge shows up on my credit report, and the only way I will get hired is if I call the company and make payment arrangements and give a copy of the confirmation of said arrangements to my new employer. They take advantage of people that are just looking for help with stress and turn around and pound you in the ### with fees that will cause' you more stress then you had before. I told him I woulds get back to him, and immediately went to computer to do my research. I totally agreee..company preys on people with anxiety and depression to get their money. I sympathize with the people who got taken advantage of here, but you do gotta realize that pretty much every infomercial on TV has something a little fishy about it. For the first 7 minutes it looked like some documentary that would air on public TV, before that start going on about how to "call for your free CD." But since this was on a different channel, I should have known better.

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