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Jon is a nationally-known coastal scientist with expertise in oceanography and estuarine sciences. in oceanography and master’s in marine studies from the University of Delaware and a bachelor’s in biology from Earlham College. The County has a robust coastal management program dating back to 1965.

In the figure below, that probability distribution of high tide peaks was then shifted upward for various sea level rise scenarios, and the number of high tide events crossing the Mc Nair Road flood threshold was then counted. He also served 2012-2016 on the Coastal Engineering Research Board of the U. Davis serves on several national teams whose focus is to improve the overall efficiency of the Corps’ program. Davis worked for the Portland District in various navigation offices to include Operations, Construction, and Project Management. However, sea turtle nesting density varies across the state, likely due to natural factors.Ocean Inlet (OI) Park has been characterized as a low-density sea turtle nesting beach, located within a groin field immediately downdrift of the structured Boynton inlet in Boynton Beach.South Beach (SB) Park is in Boca Raton, approximately 1.5 km updrift of the structured Boca Raton inlet, and has been characterized as a medium-density nesting beach.An upward trend due to relative sea level rise is evident.The second figure then applies a flood threshold for Mc Nair Road, a road that runs through the US Naval Academy.

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