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While 10 to 20 nuisance flood events occur today, this will increase to about 100 events with an additional 0.5 ft of RSLR, to about 300 annual events with 1 ft of RSLR, and to almost 500 events annually for 1.5 ft of RSLR. In addition, he managed the Corps owned hopper fleet (ESSAYONS and YAQUINA) which are operated out of the Portland District. Since both sea turtle nest site selection and successful incubation are dependent on the beach environment, the uneven distribution of nesting in Florida could relate to morphodynamics, anthropogenic activities, or some combination of both.Similar results will be presented for other locations around the US East Coast. Two sites in Palm Beach County were utilized to examine potential natural and human influences on the variable sea turtle nesting density.An upward trend due to relative sea level rise is evident.The second figure then applies a flood threshold for Mc Nair Road, a road that runs through the US Naval Academy.A portion of SB was nourished in 2016 (just prior to the start of the main part of the sea turtle nesting season on May 1).Time-series beach profiles, cross-shore sediment characteristics, and internal beach temperature were collected in 2016 and used to evaluate the physical characteristics at the OI and SB sites.

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Samantha Danchuk is the Assistant Director of the Environmental Planning & Community Resilience Division of Broward County where she is responsible for implementation of the County’s priority actions pertaining to energy, climate action, sustainability, and urban lands enhancement. Danchuk has provided technical support for the Compact’s Resilient Redesign Workshops and Sea Level Rise Working Group, the Climate Change Task Force and Government Operation Climate Change Working Group.

Sea turtle nesting, hatching, and emergence success from within 150 m of the beach profile locations were used to evaluate the influence of the groin field at OI and the nourishment at SB (as compared to the larger area monitored in each city).

Despite variability in the surface sediment, morphology, and slope at OI and SB, which have been shown to influence nesting success, the difference in nesting success between locations was not statistically significant (35% at OI and 18% at SB).

Continued beach nourishment through the use of upland sand mines has been examined in addition to feasibility studies and investigations into the use of aragonite sand and recycled glass. E., is the Natural Resources Administrator at Broward County.

Additionally, the County has put forth a considerable investment into implementing sand bypassing at Port Everglades in order to serve as a supplemental local and sustainable source of sand for southern County beaches. She received her Master’s degree in coastal and oceanographic engineering from University of Florida.

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