What to do when dating a rich girl

The odds of marrying a rich person are much better (if you go about it properly) than that of winning a lottery.

People who want to marry someone really rich (or who want to win the lottery) want what they want without having to make a real effort to get it. (Not the people who buy lottery tickets.) Also, I think that deep down, they may not be truly optimistic about the advantages of being really, really rich. I've seen (by watching friends who did this) that there are quite a few benefits.You might not have to work, you can travel, live an exciting life of no limits.You have access to resources that others can only dream of. Rich people, particularly men, are seen as desirable.You can eat as much ice cream as you could ever want, different flavors one after the other.You could buy all those things they advertise in like fur coats and jewelry.

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