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If you're using a phone that you didn't get from us, an update may not be available at the same time as it would be for a phone that came from Three.Your phone will automatically let you know if there's a new update.Please note you must have completed ALL of the courses in the term before switching the term’s status to complete.At this time, you may also enter any new planned or in-progress terms.You should also make sure that you've backed up your personal data, like the contacts that are stored on your phone.Software updates need to be approved by mobile networks before your phone will allow you to update your software.OTCAS will not accept any transcripts that appear to have been in the applicant’s hands.

You'll need to connect to Wi-Fi to update your software.However, if they don't, you can do it manually. Once your application is Submitted and Paid for, your application is locked and most sections cannot be updated for the remainder of the application cycle.You can also make updates to your in progress coursework multiple times during the course of the cycle.However, please note that when submitting an update, you must move the entire TERM from in-progress to complete.

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