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Peyghambarzadeh holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Tehran University, and a master’s degree in gender studies from the Lund University in Sweden.Bisexuality has received minimal attention from the Persian media and journals on LGBT human rights in recent years.Iranian bisexuals have no voice of their own and have been judged based on homosexuals’ stereotypes.This paper aims to present and examine these stereotypes and judgmental thoughts about Iranian bisexuals and also the critical reactions that bisexuals and even a group of homosexuals have had to these stereotypes.In the HRW report, either bisexuality is being used by Iranian psychologist to oppress homosexuals or bisexuals are defined as homosexuals who are married and claim that they are bisexual.In the first case, Farrokh, a 28-year-old gay male from Karaj, told Human Rights Watch that “his parents took him to a series of psychiatrists and psychologists after he told them that he was gay.” As the report continues, according to Farrokh, some of these specialists were self-styled “Islamic psychiatrists” who convinced him that he was not homosexual: “When I was 17 years old my parents took me to a psychiatrist, in part because they suspected I was gay. Then they took me to an Islamic psychiatrist who told me I had an illness but that I could get better …

Many Iranian homosexuals think that bisexuals often would like to engage in simultaneous parallel relationships with both males and females.For instance, in a discussion on a member-only Iranian female homosexuals and bisexuals Facebook page in 2012, an individual who identified herself as lesbian stated: “bisexuals want diverse sexual experiences, and after a short while leave their girlfriends; they are not trustworthy.” Another lesbian, on the same page, wrote: “when your girlfriend leaves you for a man, it is so painful.” Another member of this page, who believed that bisexuals eventually would choose to be heterosexual, stated: “I have never seen an old bi [bisexual].” Another lesbian, contrary to this comment, believed that: “bisexuals, when get aged, would like to engage in relationship with women because they do not find what they want in relationship with a man.Also, a woman can easily fall in love with them and will not lose her interest to them like men.Among documentaries, one can mention BBC Persian’s documentary, “Under the Razor of Gender” The scholarly work of historians such as Afsaneh Najm Abadi and Janet Afary shows that similar to other societies, for centuries there have been Iranians who were involved were involved in simultaneous parallel sexual relation with both sexes.Perhaps the only research that has studies Iranian bisexuals as a separate category was conducted by Azadeh Nemati, though their sampling of bisexuals is so small that makes it difficult for the findings to be scientifically meaningful.

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