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Network Solutions promptly shut down the entire Cryptome website.

Thus, a complaint about a single document caused significant collateral damage to the perfectly legal material on Cryptome. Microsoft can stop people who leak evidence of its warrantless spying, whereas those who empty bank accounts through compromised Windows PCs are not a priority. █ Permalink A Single Comment Send this to a friend Novell’s VP and Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza joined Microsoft's Code Plex Foundation board last year.

The Code Plex Foundation’s board was announced prematurely probably to distract from the fact that Microsoft got caught selling anti-Linux patents to patent trolls [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

That was also the opinion of Groklaw, for example, because this distracting announcement came amid other major fiascos like Microsoft’s distribution of anti-GNU/Linux pamphlets and training material to large chains of computer stores across the United States [1, 2].

Microsoft is now warning that Internet Explorer is under another attack: In an advisory, the company warned that a new vulnerability was being targeted in attacks against Internet Explorer 6 and 7. According to Microsoft, the vulnerability is due to an invalid pointer reference being used within IE and can be exploited by tricking users into visiting a malicious or compromised Web page.

News Analysis: As much as Microsoft would like security problems to just go away, they won’t.

The chances of Microsoft eliminating most of the software flaws that invite new attacks are slim to nil.

Network Solutions asked Cryptome to remove the Microsoft compliance manual.

Cryptome refused explaining that the document was posted in order to help the public better understand Microsoft’s practices, and followed up with a DMCA counternotice.

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