Updating mysql version

Amazon EC2 instances that function as web servers can be deployed in the public subnet, and the Amazon RDS DB instances are deployed in the private subnet.

In such a deployment, only the web servers have access to the DB instances.

When creating a DB instance in VPC, you must select a DB subnet group.

The following procedures help you create a DB instance in a VPC.

If your account has a default VPC, you can begin with step 3 because the VPC and DB subnet group have already been created for you.

Amazon RDS uses that DB subnet group and your preferred Availability Zone to select a subnet and an IP address within that subnet to associate with your DB instance.

If the primary DB instance of a Multi-AZ deployment fails, Amazon RDS can promote the corresponding standby and subsequently create a new standby using an IP address of the subnet in one of the other Availability Zones.

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