Updating a bungalow speeddating kent

For starters, the front stairs had sunk and were pulling away from the house and a huge whole in the roof flooded the kitchen every time it rained.

EXTERIOR, AFTER: The facade is brighter and more defined with tan fascia boards that are dark brown underneath and white trim around the windows.

Just ask Jenika Kurtz Cuadra, the Los Angeles-based interior designer who recently had the opportunity to completely transform one such home.

The home was in relatively poor condition when it was purchased, but Jenika wanted to go past a basic spruce-up—she wanted to restore the home to its former 1940s glory, giving this little diamond in the rough the aesthetic treatment and love that it deserved.

We all worked ourselves to the bone and enjoyed every minute of it.

Friends and family even helped out here and there when they could, our moms would come every weekend.

But once you’re inside, the genius of its recent redesign becomes clear.

Built in 1910, the house was small but in a great location: near a shopping street and public transit.

He moved into the shack in the back and lived there for the entire length of the project.In the tiny living room of his Santa Monica bungalow, designer Chad Eisner used a pair of sofas because "they seat twice as many people as one sofa and two armchairs. Eisner designed the geode table lamp on the 19th-century walnut bedside table from Italy. And the long horizontal lines also make the room seem bigger." Farrow & Ball's Tented Stripe wallpaper heightens the low ceilings, as do the Rogers & Goffigon curtains that he hung "as high as possible."The French doors open to the courtyard, which Eisner considers "vital square footage" for entertaining and relaxing. Buttercup are upholstered in Larsen's Duo in White Sand (used in reverse) on the outside, and Scandinavian by Le Gracieux on the inside. The small bedroom is dominated by a California king bed, but glass doors and a courtyard view make it feel expansive. The overhaul resulted in a spacious family-friendly ground floor, complete with a large entry that’s anything but formal, plus a scene-stealing kitchen and an entirely new second floor.And the couple’s love of midcentury modern design lends a touch of lightness it previously lacked.

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