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However, when Sayuri injures her ankle halfway through the day, Riku must step in and take her place as the coordinator for the day's activities.Inukai, in Riku's class, goes missing one day after apparently getting arrested for fighting against a group of thugs.He appears to be much lazier or less responsible than expected as he tried to avoid work concerning the Cultural Festival and asked Riku to take part with helping in the Festival (This was possibly to lessen his own work load). He appears to be cold and distant from his other classmates even to his teachers, but is far kinder and warmer than he appears.His hobbies include painting and caring for small animals.Eventually he is able to give it back to her at which point Mina asks him to be her psychological coach in order to keep her mindset when swimming.The school's sports festival has finally arrived where each class competes against each other in sports related games.In the same episode, Mina and Riku meet for the second time, only this time, she introduces herself to him properly. Mina leaves in a nervous haste when Riku finds out that she knows his name.

She is very nervous to confess her true feelings to him.

Numerous legends have been told of the greatness of her actions in the past year.

She falls deeply in love with Riku after noticing he treats her like he treats everyone and she can be herself around him, though she has been hiding her true feelings from everyone's knowledge, including Riku's.

Rumors start to grow about him and his rebellious nature.

While Inukai doesn't reveal much about himself to others, he usually lets his actions speak louder than words.

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