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continue reading » 480-500, we can be sure that the inside of a saint's shrine would be adorned with images and votive portraits, a practice which had probably begun earlier." When Constantine himself (reigned 306-337) apparently converted to Christianity, the majority of his subjects remained pagans.…

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Despite this lack of evidence for the origin of the name, many textbooks well into the 20th century repeated as fact Willing's account the name "Idaho" derived from the Shoshone term "ee-da-how". The states of Washington and Oregon are to the west, Nevada and Utah are to the south, and Montana and Wyoming are to the east.

A 1956 Idaho history textbook says: "Idaho" is a Shoshoni Indian exclamation. The first is "Ee", which in English conveys the idea of "coming down". Idaho also shares a short border with the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north.

With a population of around 1.6 million and an area of 83,569 square miles (216,440 km), Idaho is the 14th largest, the 12th least populous and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 U. The state's south includes the Snake River Plain (which contains most of the population and agricultural land), while the south-east incorporates part of the Great Basin.

territory with the signing of the Oregon Treaty of 1846, but a separate Idaho Territory was not organized until 1863, instead being included for periods in Oregon Territory and Washington Territory.

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