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It is expected that the more fortunate help the less fortunate, usually through donations.Companies are therefore under pressure to act in the same philanthropic way and, as a result, many do so.“That was like the wedding of the century,” said Jenna, whose husband Channing Tatum co-starred with Joe in “Magic Mike.” “It was the most fun. I was like, ‘It’s 2 in the morning, mama’s a little tired.’” Dewan-Tatum is back on the small screen in the new hit series “Supergirl,” playing Lucy Lane, Lois Lane’s little sister.Pitbull came out and performed something like twelve songs… “She is Jimmy Olsen’s ex-fiancée and she comes back to town to right her wrongs, and she wants to get back together with him and tell him she loves him.If the majority of people are not concerned with these issues, for whatever reason, it cannot be expected of companies to be concerned with them either.Price-driven Economy Finally, Pakistani consumers are not consciously pressurising change through their consumer decisions which is exemplified by the price-driven nature of the economy. The 43-year-old actress sported two Princess Leia-inspired buns to be a little festive for the special occasion.Another star who also was inspired by Princess Leia was Maria Menounos, whose hair was in four buns on the back of her head.

These societal pressures are unique to the UK -and countries with similar social realities – and differ from the societal pressures within countries like Pakistan.Although I enjoy bargaining for the best price for what I want to buy, it does show that brands and social reputation have little significance in consumer choice, for the majority. Marketing, branding and reputation building are new concepts for Pakistani companies and are not always valued highly.This also means that even when companies do contribute to society, they see little benefit in publicising this.Over the years I watched social pressure act as the catalyst for change in the CSR mindset.As a result, companies are increasingly defining CSR in line with the triple bottom line approach as they go through a three-step process. Consumer Pressure Companies have been forced to react to the concerns of consumers as the world has become more interconnected.

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