Silverlight xap file not updating

Hello, This is common scenario that is usually related with the cache.Zip file "Charts Telerik" with test application has got password.We can export an unmanaged solution as Managed solution.We can’t rollback the customizations once import into CRM instance.Once you upload a new copy of your XAP file, the file modification date will change, and then the URL changes, thus forcing browsers to get a new copy of your app.tried updating critical update to silverlight kb97202 over 30 times won't install kb974331 didn't either 28 times uninstall silerlight failed 3 times "This patch could not be opened.Anyway, hope I can give something back with this little WTF-guide for WP8 registration: Error 1 …make sure that the Windows Phone IP Over USB Transport(Ip Over Usb Svc) service is running The service is probably running, but more than once I’ve had to restart it to get it working. You can go to services (found under Administrative Tools in Control Panel), find the service by sorting by either service: Ip Over Usb Svc or name: Windows Phone IP Over USB Transport.Or simply open Power Shell in admin mode, run: restarts-service Ip Over Usb Svc .

In the OBJECT tag that hosts the SL app in your HTML page, you append to the end of the XAP file url the last file modification date/time.Error 2 Phone name is already in use by this account Go to file explorer and change the name by right clicking on the device and selecting rename.Afterwards you might need to close file explorer and/or the Windows Phone Developer Registration app.Error 3 Too many phones have already been registered with your account Log in online to you Windows phone developer account, and unregister one of the phones under phones. Error 4 Device lockscreen has to be unlocked (and it is unlocked) If you get this and the phone lockscreen is not locked on then unplug the USB cable and plug it back in and then unlock the screen before selecting retry.Error 5 Can’t find any devices Unplug the USB cable and try a different port, try also a different USB cable, and restarting the Windows Phone IP Over USB Transport service (see error 1).

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