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Peta: And so will you consider another GNU if Mugabe invited you into one to resolve the current economic crisis?Tsvangirai: Remember, the crisis we now have did not come as a result of the MDC going into the GNU but because Mugabe rigged the last election in 2013. There was no way a party that had lost in 2008 could win in 2013 with a high score. Even friends of Mugabe said they could not legitimise that election of 2013. Sixty percent of the Zimbabwean electorate are under 40.We have started focusing early on electrical reforms and not wait and cry foul at the end. The only challenge in the SADC is that the countries we look forward to set democratic standards are themselves in crisis Peta: What is the state of your party?

We went through the inclusive government and 85% of Zimbabweans appreciated our role in improving their dire suffering Circumstances have changed Peta: What circumstances have changed? The gun can no longer control the politics of the country. The will of the people cannot be resisted or trampled upon any further Peta: Aren’t you being naive, Mr Tsvangirai? You surely should have used your time in the GNU to try to improve the electoral environment, yet you seem to have been distracted by the trappings of office and lost focus?Desktop criticism will always be there but ask the people who benefited from our presence in the GNU.People are actually saying, ‘Why not create another GNU so that we can have relief because the economic situation now has deteriorated so badly to surpass what we saw in 2008 when the economy completely collapsed’.Peta: But that’s exactly my point, that instead of using your presence in the GNU to fight for electoral reform, you seem to have gotten trapped in the niceties of office and forgot that elections in Zimbabwe can again be rigged in future? Mugabe has created a serious discord between the liberation generation and the digital generation. In addition, there are technical changes under which the 2018 elections will be held which will militate against rigging.Peta: So we should not expect to hear you complaining that the elections have been rigged come 2018?

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