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Sundays, import wars, Ozzfest '01-'02, 1 tans' '00, GNO, Newport '02, 8/19/02 & 9/ , Salt Lake '02. FOUND: W/ KT, TR, MV, MN, RN, PM, shopping, Brooks, in bed. ACTIVITIES: Chorus, drama, Leo Club, Madrigals, CCD, sing- ing. FAVORITE SAYING: Have faith in the human spirit and in each heart's capacity to make our world a better place. SAY.: Laugh and the world laughs zoith you; cry and you get ivet. track 1-4, cheerleading (fall) 1 FOUND: Anywhere w/SJ. FAV MEM.: Jumping Chin's car at the DPW and hiding behind the dumpster when he turned the key, all track arid xc seasons, xc camp '01 & '02. So as a joke during Mere's after-dinner-run through the halls, the enior girls decided that Janine Molino should chase after her. Although this stereotype is one that most people think of when they think about going to lunch at school, the teachers here at King Philip think differently. Senior captain, Tom Hayes says that by the end of the week the team was closer then ever before. Life 131 ■ I Jiir, ■ Sun Splash Upperclassmen can finally enjoy the fun and excitement of traveling to the beach with friends now that they have licenses and cars. On their way to Horseneck Beach, a huge truck carrying hay nearly flipped over on them while they were driving. AMBITION: To have lots of money and to be happy with what- ever I do with my life. DISLIKES: Rude/fake people, studying, s, 6/11/02, pink, feet, 7 am, Diet Coke, car : lents, back stabbing, bugs, rules, Panthers, FAVORITE MEMORY: Blueberry day, beach , XT. AMBITION: To change the world and make a difference. ACTIV.: FH 1-4, Leo Club, track, SADD, peer leadership, homerm rep . FAVORITE MEMORY: The dilatory story, the TJ and Ben affair, driving with Rachel, Mentos and math, districts. AWARDS: Districts freshman, junior, senior year, Latin Silver Medal. DISLIKES: Mosquitoes, getting sick, noise, static, losing, ignorance, cheaters, bad driv- ers, smoking, being uncomfortable, losing things. Meredith Healey, a junior, told everyone that she would never vrant to have a stalker. It was razyll Janine described the situation with a smile on her face. However, the garage wasn't warm enough so she opened the door d go into the house. She decided to hide behind er pillow on the front lawn for cover! There are the stereotypical lunch ladies who serve mystery meat and wear big aprons, hairnets, and frowns on their faces. Many other teachers would like to trade places with present day polititians and people well known for their money. Kramer, feeling generous, said that he would like to trade places with Bill Gates, and donate all of his money to King Philip. Even though the camp was held at the high school, the week proved to be well worth it.AM- BITION: To have a happy and successful future with my family and friends. Brittney Lambert, Sara Streeter, Chelas Poirier and Ashley Daubenmire are four junior girls who can be found together everywhere. FOUND: Anywhere with great music and any- where with a nice beach. ACTIVITIES: PPSS, band, lacrosse, ter track, NHS, Leo Club, Girl Scouts. 18 Seniors Christina April Duczakowski Ducky, Tina, Jade Plainville LIKES: Mooing, sleeping, Red Sox, Nomar, The List, smiles, Milanos, Carter, Boxing Day, dance- offs, Gambit, JJ's bed, Christinaism, folded chips. Other moments, however, can be defined simply as embarrass- ing.

10 The Class of 2003 12 ■ ■ The Class of LIKES: Peace, Katia, running, reading, veganism, mountains, beaches, yoga, good books, French, sleep, laughter. AMBI- TION: To keep on growing everyday, to make a positive difference in many people's lives, to travel the world, et marier mon vrai compagnon. DIS' LIKES: Waking up early, stress, sore muscles, ani mal cruelty, decisions. MEM.: DMB, Dispatcl & HD shows, MASC, family trips, BC game w/ ES, MR, & BL, Camp '02 w/JK, SK, KJ, fall day anytime w/the Cult, span video, MR w/mv kitty. Ashman Plainville LIKES: Kindness, cars, music, drawing, engineer- ing, graphic arts, and fun. Another girl who is considered to be the life of a party is Brittney O'Hara.

AMBITION: To take in life with every breath that I can. OTHER: Thank you to everyone who truly loves me, SB, KL, AD, AH, ZL, SH, LG, JP. AMBITION To turn a frown upside-down then stretch thai smile up a mile for someone everyday. OTHER: Thank you XC for making these 4 years the best of my life. And even though some people may not see the humor in their photo right away, with a little time most people realize that these moments could happen to anyone, and usually do.

FAVORITE SAYING: A life without love is no life at all. FAVOR- ITE SAYING: I'm so buffi could uax your car. Life 135 1 w IB The King Philip community prides itself on having a variety of students who participate in the many school offerings.

ACTIVITIES: Drama 1-4, soccer 1, bball 1, spring track 1, cross country 2-4, winter track 2-4, lacrosse 2-4, chorus 4. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '02, RW ZOO, Olive Garden '01 with NFCG, camping with KT, NY '00. - : KES: Laughing, baby blue, family, shopping, jsic, dancing, summer, driving, beach w/EG, wers, stars, sleeping, talking, weekends, boys, rties. When not cuddling with her stuffed animals, she can be seen laughing with her class- mates and enjoying being in high school.

AC- TIVITIES: Basketball 1-2, cross-country 2, Leo Club 1-4. DISLIKES: Working, ignorance, conceited ople, the Outlets, stress, crying, school, home- UND: With friends, at Kristen's, w/Rachel. Countless others can be identified with a certain thought.

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