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I also witnessed a car next to mine get broken into. Certain parts of the apartment smell heavily of weed and cigarettes (a smoking apartment).My apartment was dirty when i moved in, but easy enough with a little elbow grease to clean.

They refused my rent ( which was in full ) and now I'm homeless in Minnesota in the winter. Our cars has been broken in to, stolen, scratched while parked. Once you sign that lease you're stuck here for the term of that lease. GHETTO NEIGHBOR KIDS PLAY OUTSIDE LOUDLY UNTIL 11PM. POOR MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION, UNTRAINED & INATTENTIVE STAFF.

The staff was very curtious to me when i needed an early move out.

I had signed a year lease and needed to move out within three months of being there due to a family health crisis.

People upstairs above us have kids that run around day and night and people downstairs always blamed the noise on us. The security door gets broken into every week and cops are always here arresting someone. I am so glad to finally moved out of this ------ place! I went in as soon as I got home but they had already filed.

The money order was made out for the rent and I had cash for the late payment but they refused it saying they don't take cash.

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