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tumblr/com/dashboard/blog/wtfmargarita/167231007271 tumblr/com/dashboard/blog/wtfmargarita/166200008007ok so it’s late and I can’t sift through all the info on wtfmarg’s blog until tomorrow but I’ll post this for anyone else who wants to see. The result wasn't good, whatever the intentions behind it were. Although how ANYONE can look at that hair and get "hair envy" is beyond me. if it was supposed to be a 60s themed look then I can excuse the eyeshadow (I guess). that looks like a dress she posted a full body selfie in before an event for something.I saw Ezra in Justice League and he seems pretty nice, don’t know what he sees in her but 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’ll have to wait and see lol You're right, the selfie look was for an event (at the Solomon R. The *photo shoot* is definitely 60's themed, which excuses the eye make up used, but there's no excuse for that hair. I wonder if M refused to pay the full amount or something, since the stylist let her walk around like this. Don't take anything here as gospel and read the FAQ before sending anything in!↓ For mobile bloggers ↓ faq | directory | instagram Well Seb & Margo are done for sure.The blog that doesn't mind opinions and speculation.All thoughts and opinions on Margarita are welcome (yes even positive ones)."No matter what you're going through, you have to embody another character," she said specifically of portraying Blair Waldorf. A., and being like, ' Oh look, I'm an adult. "So thats what that's about." As for life after ?"Which can be fun, but it also can be tiring." PHOTOS: Costar couples Along with ' Heartstrings,' Meester said another single, ' L. "It seems like an instant and a million years [ago]," said Meester.

Ezra Miller's bday is September 30th and he's still in London filming, so methinks she went there to be with him for his birthday and flew back. How very curious; I wonder if she did see him, and what is going on with those two. Didn’t realize the LA vacation was a vacation from her strenuous London vacation, though.

She posted a picture from somewhere, fishing with youroldornewfriendrafe on August 24th; youroldornewfriendrafe posted a picture of Ezra’s sister fishing there on August 23rd.

Ezra is buddies enough with Margo’s brother to be in a video on his business IG page.

Guggenheim museum, with her friend yukalito, who's got a different pic posted at her ig), though IF THE outfit for that event was themed, it's not been stated outright. I was gonna say that was def not a 60s outfit lol I was actually going to comment earlier and say it’s the most bland look she’s ever done and that I was shook that she didn’t take the opportunity to wear something ridiculous as she usually does lmaoooo The trouble with the lipstick selfie is that someone *did it to her*.

"The song ' Heartstrings' is really special to me," said Meester, 28, who looked pretty after being primped by Dream Dry and Caption Nails.

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