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The reason I wrote this book was to get rid of the reptilian entity I will call Ettissh. A wavelength is used that transfers a chemical which create blood clots. (d) Killing in groups; their London meeting takes place in the Royal Albert Hall as Freemasons. Here I met Brian who was attracted to me and we became friendly. Later, I found out that this was due to his seduction techniques that he used on me and all the other women at the school. Thinking that I was going to die, he told me everything: that he worked for a suppressive force; that he was part a global conspiracy; and he justified it by saying that- looked at from a higher perspective- "bad" is OK; and did I want to join them! Three neighbours had taken me to hospital and I had told them that Brian was responsible. One reptilian has already made attempts; this is why I have had to write it. A hand held device no bigger than a credit card is used to fire toxic energy/substance. I was living in Marbella, Spain, setting up my freelance work in doctor's clinics, and attending the government-run Spanish school. I then suddenly became very attracted to him; I couldn't understand it. Suppression Of Architecture Epilogue References This will be my only book as long as I am left alone. I have to write them out or they will stop it by stopping me. Suddenly out of nowhere, you feel very disorientated and unable to function normally. Suppression would mean suppressing our intellect as described under nutrition, suppressing our abundance as described under debt, suppressing our health as described under viruses and nutrition and the weapons that they use, suppressing our consciousness as described under anti-higher consciousness programme, art and architecture. I am a healthcare worker with a Bachelor of Science degree. Prior to the events of 2002, I had no interest in aliens or conspiracy. Ettissh has spilled the beans on this secret to the spirit realm quite recently for his own personal reasons 15. Most of us have implants that they added a million years ago to reduce our consciousness. They are highly advanced aliens and I have experienced their abilities and technology and found them to be extraordinary. They are masters of the mind and use all of the hidden rules that affect us, such as the Law of Abundance. They are able to erase our past lives to create karma They are able to implant lives into our record that are someone else's in order to affect us negatively and create more karma The end result of this is to prevent us raising our consciousness and be more susceptible to their harm. I provide unique insights into how they prevent us raising our consciousness. I have been astounded by and felt very out of my depth with these reptilians.

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