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If the friend does not change behaviors, they should take a break from the friendship.

It’s best to start talking about healthy relationships before your child starts dating.

If your home is not safe make every attempt to make it so. Being firm and setting boundaries is an important part of being a loving parent. You don’t need to be a friend to be an effective, loving, parent who is well loved and respected.

As your child grows and matures, it is important that you allow them to take more responsibility for their plans and actions.

Use opportunities that present themselves to trigger conversations.

If you see people arguing in a television show, talk about what was and was not effective in how they handled the situation. If the news reports another #Me Too story, ask what your teen’s thoughts are on the subject.

Talk about what they should do if they find themselves in a scary situation.

Date rape can also occur if someone slips a substance into a drink, so they should always carry their drink or get a new one from a trusted source.Set expectations for how old they will be when they are allowed to go out in groups of boys and girls as well as when they will be allowed to go on an actual date.How well do you need to know the person they will date?Or if they’re allowed to go to a private area or if they must stay in the family room.Talk about what to look for in a romantic partner, qualities that are important and not just superficial.

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