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” With a menu type list that looks like this: Lesbian Show Ping Pong Show Lady-Boy Show Nude Show Sex Show Hard-Core Sex Show My personal favorite is the all lady-boy go-go clubs.Now, don’t confuse a lady-boy with a drag queen because they are not the same breed.So, needless to say I stood on the boat watching Francesco paddle about like he was practically presenting himself for dinner.I wondered, would I stay with him if he didn’t have legs?

Another lady-boy with cafe latte skin, a high ponytail and a yellow spandex dress was fanning her expertly shaped, brand-new vagina. ” I nodded and practically yanked the thing out of her hands. My life is now totally complete or at least it was until it turned rabid and tried to eat me. ” Then I realized that I was wearing rose perfume and that it thought my arm was food.

My second thought, I really want to feed the baby elephant cucumbers, while doing so I can ask where its mother is. We humans have a lot of fixing to do and luckily some people are trying to help these elephants.

I opted for the latter because I decided the baby elephant looked hungry, and cute, and inviting. Before you say anything let me add that I do understand poverty, and the complexity of these people’s lives.

While drag queens are often a little over-the-top and too Barbara Streisand or Cher for me, lady-boys are women.

I could barely tell that they used to be men, and the men can’t tell at all.

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