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Durham Crown Court heard that a police vehicle illuminated its blue lights, but Moloney failed to stop.Sam Faulks, prosecuting, said: “The inevitable pursuit began, with the defendant reaching speeds of 60-miles per hour on 30-limit zones.” Moloney turned off his lights and carried on driving in an “erratic” manner.

His most recent, for which he was serving a three-year ban, was imposed in 2015 for driving with excess alcohol.

Moloney must also observe a three-month 7pm to 5am home curfew, and was banned from driving for a further three years.

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A MAN with a history of motoring offences led police on a dangerous high-speed chase through a town in the early hours of the morning.

Michael Moloney, who was serving a motoring ban at the time, was over the drink-drive limit when police came across him at the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf, taking a roundabout in the wrong direction, on St Cuthbert’s Way, in Newton Aycliffe, at 2.50am on Saturday, August 26.

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