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People says that MCH became a third-time husband at City Hall in NYC yesterday morning.The answer to the question, “, has finally been answered. I used my serious journalist skills (read: I Googled “ from a server as she cuddles with MCH in a booth at a restaurant.

After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of 2008 and were divorced two years later, after his cancer went into remission.

He's officially signed on for a 12-week stint with the show, starring opposite Rebecca Naomi Jones and he'll start July 22, 2015!

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Maybe he wanted to beat the crowds, or maybe there’s a Monday morning discount I don’t know about and since it’s his third marriage, he figured he should save in wedding costs wherever he can. But what I do know about Morgan is that she seems to be a Depp-loving hipster at heart since she’s got this tattoo on her arm: If she was really a fan, she’d drop the” in that tattoo.

But well, if MCH ever wants to get into some scarves and bracelets kink and get his wife to role play as Johnny Depp, she’s already halfway there.

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