Mandating organ donation

"I know that I would have benefited from a program that would have introduced me to this safety and awareness when I was in high school." Kamberi's bill must pass out of committee before it is voted on in both chambers of the General Assembly, but she is optimistic."I hope that people can understand the need to have education on organ donation, and I hope this gets passed," she said.

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These models merit further study to determine whether either or both can be implemented in a way that meets fundamental ethical criteria for informed consent and provides clear evidence that their benefits outweigh ethical concerns.

Organ transplantation offers hope for patients suffering end-stage organ failure.

However, the supply of organs for transplantation is inadequate to meet the clinical need.

In my opinion, when someone dies in a hospital in a young age, organ donation should be mandatory (if he/she was healthy).

Imagine how many lives we can save with liver, eyes, heart, kidney donations!

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