Jesse dating kat

It's part of biker culture." Meanwhile, Jesse's former employees from West Coast Choppers, the Orange County motorcycle shop he shut down last year, have taken to Facebook to bash him, reports. Here is how a few of them describe working with Jesse on the 'Ex-Coast Choppers' page: "I left a good job, working for nestle for 7 years to being tortured everyday by a certain sh*tbag aka our boss for almost 4 years. James was "hugging her from behind," and some claimed they saw the pair kissing. Jesse just has this way with woman that makes you melt. He's the most hated man in America, after what he did to Sandra, which she finds kind of sexy."More Jesse James and Kat Von D pictures (click any photo): There's the "boy next door" and the "boy next to the boy next door." And we're not sure you want to bring either home to meet the parents.But try to pick who you think is better boyfriend material.She wrote, "And yes, Jesse and I are dating."The post has since been taken down, so who knows what to believe?Over the weekend it was reported that Jesse and Kat were seen out on a date in Las Vegas, sitting on the same side of the table and holding hands.We reported earlier this week that Jesse James was spotted looking cozy with reality star Kat Von D, but after the news hit the tabloids she said they were just friends.

The popular TV stars have been linked together for more than a month, with each of them sharing a series of photos together over the past few weeks.

He checked into a Los Angeles jail earlier this month, only to be let out after serving fewer than eight hours behind bars due to overcrowding at the facility.

Jesse James announced last week that he is engaged to Kat Von D and now he faces some bad news: more Nazi photos have surfaced.

"I'm a believer that we're all human and we're all capable of making mistakes," Von D said on the Kevin & Bean radio show Thursday. I've got a lot of respect for Jesse and how he handled it." Earlier this week, Von D Tweeted and deleted that she and James were in a relationship, following reports they shared an intimate dinner together in Las Vegas over the weekend. I was looking for some advice when I first started on Miami Ink." And though she bears a striking physical resemblance to many of the tattooed women who claimed to be James' mistresses during his split from Bullock, Von D says her ink isn't an indication of their compatibility.

The tattoo artist who has been cozying up to Sandra Bullock's ex told an L. radio show she isn't worried the bad boy biker will repeat his adulterous past.

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