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It saddens me that she has grown up in a society that makes it possible for her to be so worldly and resigned at such a young age.Just last week, a newspaper column related the story of a woman who had recently gone on a date with an unnamed parliamentary candidate.

Is there a website like chatroulette but cyber sex-76

The images I encountered were shockingly pornographic, and it disturbs me profoundly to think that my 16-year-old has been exposed to them, even if she does have the street smarts to move swiftly on if she encounters anything unseemly.Their date went well, but - as the source revealed - the very next day she received an email containing a photograph of his genitals. But one short afternoon on Chatroulette and you will find that there are a number of women who will.So what is it that is attracting so many modern men and women to such disturbing exhibitionism?“If I asked around, I could probably get 10 to 20 photos that have been sent around or put on Facebook in under an hour.” Amy’s reaction isn’t unusual.Sexting – sending sexually provocative pictures, messages or video clips via a phone or the internet – has become an “epidemic”, according to Sherry Adhami of the charity Beatbullying.

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