Is hunter hayes dating anyone

Suddenly, the person you thought you knew better than anyone, isn’t that person anymore and it feels like your whole world is tumbling down right before your eyes. “Leave the best of me with you and you can leave me in your past No battle cry, no battle scars, we're only down one broken heart.” I have tried to stay true to the sequential order of the actual “Storyline” album, and this is what comes next.

As intense as this may sound, it’s almost like when a loved one passes away…You have the memories of the relationship, but the person in those memories is no longer here anymore. This song is similar to “When Did You Stop Loving Me” in the sense that you go through that post-breakup phase where all you want is closure. Every girl goes through that one bad breakup at some point in their lives and we’re forced to just accept the way things are and get through it.

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Track Fourteen: You Can’t Say You Love Too Much “You can't say you love too much, you can't say you care enough.

There's no such thing as reaching too far, we all got a heart.” This is my other favorite song on the album.

Selena Gomez and Hunter Hayes were recently seen flirting at a concert in LA!

The pair reportedly traded phone numbers, but a source reveals they're just friends: "They are not dating; strictly friendly." Selena's spending more time with buds to get over her breakup with Justin Bieber, so her BFF Taylor Swift introduced the two while Hunter was on tour with Tay!

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