Iphone 2 0 updating apps move delete

To delete unwanted voicemails, go to Phone → Voicemail, tap a message and then hit Delete.Deleted voicemails won’t free up storage unless removed permanently from the Deleted Messages folder within the Phone app: tap Deleted Messages → Clear All.

Apps and games you download, content you create and media you consume on your device can all take up a ton of space, even if you own the most capacious i OS device now available in the marketplace.In addition to clearing caches, this method may help your device run a little faster for some time. This rule sounds simple enough yet many people just don’t bother removing multi-gigabyte games and apps from their device even though they might no longer use them.To delete an app, hold your finger on its Home screen icon until the icons start wiggling, then tap “X” to delete it.Don’t worry, this is a new feature in i OS 9 and the system will automatically restore your apps and data after an upgrade is successfully deployed.Don’t leave those old voicemails piling up in your inbox and wasting your i Phone’s precious storage space.

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