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People are quickly going to get frustrated constantly having to correct you or pointing out that they never said what you’re accusing them of.Just as with getting angry or defensive, annoying people through straw-manning is counter-productive; annoying people is a great way to get ignored and/or banned.If you’ve found that you’re regularly getting excluded from conversations or kicked out of forums for the apparent crime of not agreeing with everyone, then it may be that the problem isn’t what you have to say, but how you’re One of the first things to consider when you have an opposing opinion or belief is whether there’s a real need to actually express it in the first place.The fact that you may disagree with someone doesn’t necessitate that disagreement, nor does having an opinion mean that you absolutely must make your position known.Yeah, you may have strong feelings about the topic… Ask yourself: what, exactly, is the purpose of sharing your opinion at this particular moment?Are you trying to change people’s minds about something? Or are you just looking for an opportunity to show off how “superior” you are for being correct?

You may especially notice this when forums have active moderation or websites and You Tube accounts turn off the ability to post comments.Now, on occasion, you find a group or community that is unwelcoming to divergent voices…but more often than not, the problem isn’t that people are unwilling to hear an opposing opinion, but rather a case of “we don’t like assholes in the clubhouse.” There’s a difference between having an unpopular or opposite opinion and being a dick to other people.If you’re presenting your opinion in a way that focuses less on the subject and more on the person you’re disagreeing with, then you can count down the time until you get ignored, blocked or banhammered in minutes.The fact that you have a difference of opinion with somebody – or the community at large – doesn’t excuse insulting them, mocking them, ad-homenims, tone-policing, gish-galloping or otherwise switching from an actual discussion to an insult match.

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