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The below guide has been tested on MS Windows XP Professional and is based on Windows' default wireless configuration tool (Wireless Zero Configuration).

Screenshots are taken from Professional version thus may slightly differ from other versions (e.g.

Home Edition, etc.): You have now succesfully configured Windows XP to connect to eduroam network.

In order to connect to eduroam network in future, simply bring up Wireless Network Connection window by double-clicking its icon in the tray bar [4], select eduroam network and click on Connect.

[2] = If the eduroam network does not show up, click on Refresh network list.Since I couldn't connect to my network wirelessly, I decided to connect to it by wire.Then I just changed the settings of the router back to normal. I am yet to try WEP Encryption with my router to see if that works. If I connect the cable between the modem and the router, the 'Modem' light is blinking I have a laptop with a Dell D with Wi Fi power switch on the side. Type a 10 digit number on the key 1 2 in each box Step 9: Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

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