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\ request for more signs, more spontaneous participation by upper- classmen, especially more girls and if possible more noise at tho bonfire has been voiced by the cheerleaders. Davis BISA Reorganizes; Independents To Consider Benefits Homecoming weekend for t h . Muiiini Secretary, has releas ed tho following schedule for thi weekend. Bu Aiiellians from greater New York, Westchester County, Long Island, and northern New Jersey, have been invited to attend. Hildreth, Bucknell presi- dent, will welcome the Dads to the campus.

According to a spokesman for the football squad, "It really makes a guy feel good to finally see sorw*^, spirit around here." Alumni HXoming Program Released By Dr. alumni and their families will be he Kl from October twenty-first through the twenty-third. Ill addition to the various open house.s at the dormitories and fia ternity houses, several alumni com mitlee ineetings will be held. president of the Father's Aaaociation, will preside at a luncheon in the men's dining hall at o'clock Saturday noon. The visiting parents will accom- pany their sons and daughters to the football game with the University of Delaware Saturday afternoon.

At 9 o'clock the men in the Freshman and Sopho more Classes will hold their tradition- al scrap at the north athletic field (Continued on page 8.) For the second consecutive year, the Bucknell independent Student's Association will be active on campus, according t Babs Campbell. Kress, Bucknell aiumnu and honijrarj- trustee, on Wednesday. The men's and women's glee clubs will make their first appear- ances of the year during the enter- tainment, which will also include a violin solo by Russell W.

This group was organized last se- mester with the idea that such an association was vitally needed on campus and that it would be benefi- cial to the college. He will be remembered by Penn sylvanians for his work for the Gim- bel Collection of Paintings of Penn- sylvania which N i'l be permanently placed in the capitol build;;i T in Har- risburg. Miller, in- structor in music, and a program by "Taylor, the Magician." During the evening Dr.

(Continued on page 8.) ZZ ,n T\ ^^"^ ^'" ^^^ ^"•'" -'--"tuated by the almost com- plete spl.t l K.tween the East and the West. It will definitely be to the advantage of both countries, and to the world, if the U S and Russia sit down and work until a peaceful solution for the control of atomic energy can be agreed upon. hurch Life." led by John Oliver Nelson and to 1m' held Noveml M*! Dolt gates from 90 colleges will gather with 35 outstanding leaders to discuss the area of Christian vo- cations.

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Pictures i must be taken by November 15th -: accordin K to Peggy Smith. The following program will be pre- sented by the Music Department at the Annual Dad's Day Prog^ram in Davis Gym, Saturday evening, Oc- tober 8: The Men's Glee Club, under the direction of Dr.

The urgency of the si.uation was not felt to any appreciable extent at that time by either the Inited . But now b«..h Russia and the I .s.should realize the atomic bomb belongs to no one. Critics will argue, and rightly so, that attempts have been made l.v tho United States in the past for adoption of such control and that they have been flatly rejected by Rusia. Insatiable curiosities have ventured many guesses, but no one .seems to know definitely.

no other answer than international control of atomic emrgy. Two plays later the game end- ed with Bucknell remaining undefeat- ed. "That's what's known as a four-wheele»l personality." What broke tha't window in the Lit building?

A large number of the student hit Jy is independent, that is, not affiliateci with any social fraternity or porority. In BISA many have an opportunity for experience in leadership, a great- er fellowship among the .-tudents, active participation in intramural sports and other activities. This organization creates more in- terest on the part of the independent student in school activities. Those with talents also have a chance to express themselves. reveal that thei are rov 22TG students on campus in eluding Ki'and' .-^pecilil el* de! Although this figure is less than the record enrollment for last year. / ASCE TO SEE MOVIES TONIGHT AT MEETING The first meeting of the American ;;;)ciety of Civil Engineers will bf held ill room 228 «f the engineerinj; buridiiig tonight at seven o'clock, ac- cording to Roy Stiger. Two films, "Highway to Alaska" and "Romance of Rivers" will be i=hown, and refreshments will hr- served. Nicodemua and President Hildreth will welcome the Ruests and the Hildreths will be presentfd foi the first time to Buck- nell parents.

These independent students, many of whom are commuters, need an or- ganization for social, athletic and political action on campus. LATEST COUNT SHOWS ENROLLMENT REACHES QUOTA SET IN SPRING The latest figures on fall enroll ment, according to Mr. Freshman civil engineering stu- dents are urged to attend this intro- ductory meeting, Rfoky" Cook, "Duke" Purcell. (Conllnuerl on pai Te H.) 'WE'RE MOON-GAZING' BECOMES VALID EXCUSE WITH ECLIPSE TONIGHT Artronomy students will have a field day this evening when a total eclipse of the moon will occur in the early hours of the night. Dancing to the music of Dick Swing and His Mood Men will follow the entertainment.

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