Gretchen wilson dating

Wilson was raised by a single mother in a tough, but loving situation that would inform much of her music.In the tiny town of Pocahontas, Illinois, just outside of St.

I've lived them all.”Gretchen Wilson was born June 26, 1973 in Pocahontas, Illinois.

So in 1996, the young woman gathered up her possessions and the few dollars she had to her name and moved to Nashville.

Gretchen Wilson found a home with a country artist collective known has the “Muzik Mafia.” The Muzik Mafia, founded by the famous country duo Big & Rich, was based on a simple premise: local artists would regularly come together for public jam sessions without any hint of competition or greed, only love and cooperation.

Making a handful of hit albums, and millions of dollars, all within a few years despite her non-traditional country image as just “one of the boys.” Yet, Wilson’s time in the sun was soon eclipsed by other country stars, and after several big changes in her career, Wilson found herself back outside of the music world she spent her entire youth desperate to break into.

The story of the rise and fall of the country music tough gal, Gretchen Wilson, is full of fame, fortune, and heartbreak.

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