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This type of bidding is available only in the Commercial Book-Entry System.Investors who use Treasury Direct or Legacy Treasury Direct engage in noncompetitive bidding; this means they agree to accept any discount rate or yield determined by the auction.In most cases, securities don't earn interest before they're issued.They do when the security is sold in a reopening or when the securitys dated date falls on a weekend or holiday.Cash management bills aren't sold in Treasury Direct.However, cash management bills originally offered as 26- or 52-week bills can be transferred into Treasury Direct. Process by which a bank or other financial institution guarantees a signature in the request for payment on a savings bond, reissue, or other request relating to savings bonds.In these two circumstances, an investor may have to pay accrued interest when he or she buys a security.

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The type of bank account (e.g., checking or savings) used when a payment or debit is processed in Treasury Direct.Before the payment date for a specific marketable security, the period in which an investor cannot conduct transactions for that security.In Treasury Direct, the period is four business days.A date becomes official when the auction is formally announced; usually, a few days before the auction.A secure system to transfer funds that acts as the central clearing facility for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) transactions.

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