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I think you might be able to do this is with a Group Policy Object.Using the Office templates you can remove tabs from Outlook and other Office applications.Secondly, you'll want to check the raw processing power on the Exchange server hosting that public folder.It's quite likely that boosting server performance will speed up your imports, if that's an option.

Is there a way to do this without writing a script?The mailbox doesn't appear in the address book, or have an e-mail address in the user properties, and the user cannot attach to the server with Outlook 2003.I think this started shortly after I added a second Exchange server.This takes forever and a day even when breaking it up into 2,000 piece increments.It also eats about 60-70% of CPU during the copying procedure. First of all, check whether the public folder that you're importing to is replicated to (or located on) a server that is close to you.

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