Funny dating commercials

Why it was banned: Fox stated that the ad did not meet its credibility standards.Ashley Madison’s CEO complained that the network was discriminating against the ad’s use of porn star Savanna Samson. “Skinny Dipping,” Bud Light (2007) The ad: A charming couple decides to spice up their night by going skinny dipping in a pool under the moonlight, only to realize that the pool isn’t quite private Why it was banned: Maybe TV just wasn’t ready for the ad’s voyeurism.“After realizing what the site was, the sales rep called back and told the company there was a mistake and that his company could not sell an ad to the site,” said NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy. Naturally, they end up in their underwear, throwing punches and high-kicks in a fountain.Why it was banned: The ad ends with a pair of nearly-naked women—meaning it’s definitely not PG, and not even really PG-13.Her coworker replies by saying “welcome to the club”—and everyone starts making out.There’s also some random weirdness sprinkled throughout, like the unexplained guy wearing a bunny suit.The internet, however, is another story—the clip went viral after being rejected by the Super Bowl. Airbone (2009) The ad: As Mickey Rooney enjoys a session in the sauna, someone coughs.

“Mars needs to apologize for the deplorable actions of its Snickers brand,” said Alliance president Neil Giuliano. Pornhub (2013) The ad: An old couple sits on a park bench for a few seconds. Why it was banned: Flatulence jokes might have been a little too sophomoric for senior executives. But with a name as blunt as that, how could anyone expect this site to be acceptable on any major network? “I Own You,” Go Daddy (2007) The ad: A man taunts his coworker, Doug, by buying up a series of domain names, including Doug’s own name, his dog’s, and his wife’s. Guy 1: “You know I’m gonna do your mother now.” Doug: “Too late! “Foul Ball,” Rolling Rock (2007) The ad: A baseball player hits a foul ball that ricochets throughout the park, and onto… Why it was banned: This ad must have hit a soft spot for the network. Apparently, they weren’t interested in ads involving ‘”political advocacy or issues.” 19.

With that in mind, we combed the archives of Super Bowl broadcast history to find 32 ads deemed unsuitable for Big Game airspace and then ranked the taboo spots accordingly. When the bartender returns, he’s forced to hide beneath the bar—with his butt facing out, next to the bottle opener. Why it was banned: The gross-out factor of this ad is just too much, especially when a group of people enter the bar asking for 20 Bud Lights. Why it was banned: According to the Christian Post, FOX issued a statement saying the ad contained too much “religious doctrine.” 28.

Daniel Defense (2013) The ad: A military vet walks through his house, hugging his wife and holding his baby, while talking about protecting them via voiceover.

The gate agent, waving a cowboy hat and speaking with a strong Southern accent, yells "Yeeehaw, we're about to board this airplane here, it's every steer for himself!

" The bovine passengers are then shown pushing each other as they run down the gate to grab their seats.

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