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The gate agent, waving a cowboy hat and speaking with a strong Southern accent, yells "Yeeehaw, we're about to board this airplane here, it's every steer for himself!

" The bovine passengers are then shown pushing each other as they run down the gate to grab their seats.

"Well, we thought about it and thought about it and decided to not respond at all.

After all, focusing on running the best low-cost carrier in America is enough to keep us busy. if we were to respond, it might look something like this." The page then includes what the airline calls an "'udderly' hysterical video" showing passengers dressed as cows waiting at an airport gate for the boarding process to begin.

“After realizing what the site was, the sales rep called back and told the company there was a mistake and that his company could not sell an ad to the site,” said NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy. Naturally, they end up in their underwear, throwing punches and high-kicks in a fountain.

Ashley Madison’s CEO complained that the network was discriminating against the ad’s use of porn star Savanna Samson. “Skinny Dipping,” Bud Light (2007) The ad: A charming couple decides to spice up their night by going skinny dipping in a pool under the moonlight, only to realize that the pool isn’t quite private Why it was banned: Maybe TV just wasn’t ready for the ad’s voyeurism.I already did my mother.” Why it was banned: For some reason, CBS thought it best to stay away from a gentle implied incest joke. “Blind Date,” Smart Beep (1999) The ad: A woman lets one rip in the car before her blind date, only to realize it was a double blind date and the other couple was in the backseat…the whole time.Why it was banned: Apparently, Fox execs thought the beeper service’s fart joke was too much.Once they have an audience, the men lift their shirts to reveal giant letters on their bellies that spell "Bags Fly Free." You Watch Southwest's commercial The ad is Southwest's not so subtle way of pointing out that Air Tran charges coach passengers for the first checked bag and for a second, while Southwest does not have any fees for those items.Late last week, Air Tran came up with an answer to the commercial, making fun of Southwest's "open seating" policy.

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