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This is the main red light district where you will find the most girly bars.There is another red light area with Go Go’s called LK Metro that isn’t to far away and is a bit cheaper.If you aren’t concerned about money then the sexy Thai Go Go dancers will give you the best chance of finding a hot girl.The hooker discos are quite good and if you like a nightclubclub atmosphere you will really enjoy them.There are many expats living here because it is a nice place to retire.There are a lot worse ways to spend your last years on earth then being a 70 year old in a city where you can easily find 20 year olds to spend the night with you.The beer bars are more laid back and move at a slower pace.

This is probably the most expensive way to find girls for sex in Pattaya but it is also the easiest and most convenient.

You get to walk in the bar, decide if there is a really hot one there after looking at her dancing topless or in a skimpy bikini, and make your decision.

Any other way you aren’t going to really be able to check out the girls body before you head home with her.

There are hookers everywhere you look and the whole city is based around having fun.

Whatever you are looking for you will be able to find here.

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