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Sometimes it is called e-therapy, distance therapy, telehealth, or Internet therapy. I really love this app and have better feeling after talk about my problems to someone in this app. Online therapy can be done by texting, video chatting, voice messaging or audio messaging with licensed therapists online. When i talked to one of the listeners at first i didnt know what to expect but they understand you and they really care. While video chat therapy does allow for more accessibility, it does not eliminate some of the key challenges that traditional therapy faces. There is no judging they are there to help any problem. More and more clients are now opting for message therapy as an even more convenient and affordable solution. The communication with the team that support our site is very fast & flawless. We manufacturer and distribute GPS Pet Tracking device w/ mobile i OS/Android app. If they are working for us, they are good with all the chat services we are providing to our clients."Fantastic partner" Desk Moz has been a fantastic partner over the last few months. We needed a live chat and email support resource asap. The stigma associated with alcohol or drug problems might make it difficult to seek help, but speaking to a professional online can make that step feel less daunting.

Now, it’s time to sit back and watch your bot answer questions all by itself.

Train Your Bot Teach it the right responses to your customers’ questions.

Input Shortcuts Program responses to frequently asked questions for greater efficiency.

When a customer asks a question, your agent can begin typing keywords to pull up relevant responses.

In just a few keystrokes, they can find answer they’re looking for and reply to the customer – without having to type out the full response.

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