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While Timmy Is preparing for his parent's anniversary, Timmy inadvertently causes a fight between Cosmo and Wanda that escalates to Cosmo running home to live with his mother.

Cosmo's mommy, who never liked Wanda, uses the fight as a chance to break the Godparents up.

We then see Cupid who is still under the effect of the Love Arrow.

She tells them they haven't heard the last of her and she will be back before getting chased away by Cupid.

Mama Cosma takes the claim literally and puts everyone on "The Fairy Dating Game", hosted by Cupid.

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Turner that if she didn't get what she wanted, she would start eating everything in the house.When Timmy accidentally gets turned into a toilet, he wishes for both of them to stop.He tries to remind them that they love each other and is certain that they'd love each other all over again.That's why she wanted him to marry Star or Twinkle, who was revealed to be robots, programmed to do whatever she says, unlike Wanda.As she proceeds to insult Wanda, Cosmo quickly intervenes.

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