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When Timmy accidentally gets turned into a toilet, he wishes for both of them to stop.

He tries to remind them that they love each other and is certain that they'd love each other all over again.

Confused, Cosmo asks his mother why she hates his wife.

Mama Cosma explains that it's not just because she hates Wanda, but she practically dislikes anyone who takes her son away from her.

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As the game show ends, Mama Cosma cries out no, forbidding her son's choice of bride.Cosmo poofs back to his mother, Mama Cosma, in tears and unaware that the 9895th anniversary was supposed to be the "False Anger" anniversary, which Wanda was acting out.Also, Mama Cosma is completely unaware that Cosmo and Wanda are married, but knew they were in a relationship before.That's why she wanted him to marry Star or Twinkle, who was revealed to be robots, programmed to do whatever she says, unlike Wanda.As she proceeds to insult Wanda, Cosmo quickly intervenes.

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