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I contacted The Plankton and she said the huge response to her lament proves there are many older women who feel just as she does.

‘I have had so many comments saying that finally someone has come out and said the unsayable, the self-same thoughts they’ve had for so long, but never voiced to a soul in the world,’ she told me.

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‘Perhaps the most moving of all was the one who said she was going to have to unsubscribe to my blog, not because she didn’t agree with it, but because it said everything she had ever thought and reduced her to tears every day and she couldn’t cry any more!

’So behind this deep sense of loss and disappointment lie many reasons why older women miss out — male attitudes, the dearth of social opportunities, the emotional investment needed to date successfully online.

Of those who had got together within the past 15 years and were aged 40 or over when they met, four out of ten had met online.‘I keep trying to date men over the internet, but it is often hopeless,’ she says.

‘I can’t count the times a guy has seemed really keen to arrange a date, and then, with sometimes only five minutes to go, I get a text saying sorry, he can’t make it.

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    So after her retirement in 2004 they bought a little chunk of Texas where they built a house, had a few cows, and took a Montana pup (Bea) to Texas.

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