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Question: Now that you’ve updated the server, how do you get this update to deploy to upgrade your SCEP clients to the latest version?Answer: Enable Automatic Client Upgrade (see “Important Caveat”).This is designed to help stagger out client upgrades across the desired number of days and the specific date can be determined the specific client’s CCMSETUP.log: So now that the scheduled task exists on your clients, what happens when task scheduler kicks it off following the SCEP update being applied to the site server(s)?

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Therefore, if the clients are not in a maintenance window when the scheduled task runs, the automatic upgrade will not take place.My only thought is that as this is failing, it's somehow impacting on SCEP autoupdate. Great news - after upgrading to R2 SP1 with CU1, automatic client upgrades will also install cumulative updates!! The Configuration Manager Automatic Client Upgrade feature in Configuration Manager 2012 RTM through R2 is a nice new feature, but as it is still new to many folks, it often causes some confusion and misconceptions.Once the CCMSETUP service starts up, it will download the latest with the updated manifest included from the assigned Distribution Point, and write it to the client’s %windir%\ccmsetup\cache directory. XML from inside the CAB file and insures it’s running the minimum supported version to continue with the process.Further down the log, you will see that the is checked for existence, and it will discover that the hash value of the in the client’s %windir%\CCMSETUP directory no longer matches the hash of the listed in the new ccmsetup manifest: A few lines further down the log, you’ll see that the CCMSetup process reminds you one more time that the hash does not match, but this time it deletes the old and uses BITS to download the updated from the DP, and you can see that the new is around 25MB in size.

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