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He wants to get back to basics, and that means a new body for his table.Dexter hunts down an Internet predator and appears on the verge of a by-the-numbers murder, clean and simple.This is the person you’ve been loving all these years, but this is ultimately what happens with a serial killer.” What to expect from Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter): “We’ll see an even darker side to Debra this year — I don’t know if you can go much darker than killing [Maria] La Guerta — but we’ll see how that has affected her and we’ll see a different side to her than before.” Bringing back Hannah Mc Kay (Yvonne Strahovski): “For Dexter, this was his first adult relationship, his first time feeling real love in an honest way because he was able to be himself with her.

From season 1, [the audience is] asking, ‘Is it weird that I like this person?But before Dexter can kill his quarry, he gets a message from someone he thought had high-tailed it out of town—the vengeance-crazed abuse victim, Lumen Pierce.He drops the unconscious Internet predator, wrapped in plastic and ready for the killing, in his trunk and dashes to help Lumen.To the perverted Masuka, everything about the scene, from the plastic to the sexual possibilities of the warehouse components, makes complete sense."Two words," says the short forensics expert with a smile as he eyes the bodies, "Auto-erotic mummification." Dexter predicts an easy case closed as Masuka begins describing asphyxiation and acting out the sexual moves. The episode begins with Dexter trying to right past mistakes, to keep his life neat and well-ordered—the blood slides over here, the police work there, and being a father? But our serial killer quickly realizes, in an episode more dynamic and fun than many in recent weeks, that compartmentalization is a dream.

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