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The app functions much the same as Tinder: You swipe left or right, depending on whether you and your friend want to meet other friend duos and then you start a group chat, to decide whether a double date is on the cards or not.The app, developed by a British team, launches today and has already seen thousands of single hopefuls sign up to a trial version.Double-Dating Do: Knowing their tastes Yes, we know you and Honeybear love Indian food, but before you make reservations, ask the other couple if they have any no-no cuisines. Here's a good equation: "The longer you've been going out with a certain couple, the more adventurous the restaurant can be," says Jennifer Worick, coauthor of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex.So if it's your first time out, "go to a place you're all familiar with or that at least serves familiar food so you can focus on getting to know one another," Worick says.

If you want to direct message me with your ticket, I can look into this.

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