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" My husband and I were together for 20 years before we divorced.

It's easy to skip ahead to "I love you" after four or five drinks, though harder to backtrack to "But do I like you?

Many people do not get appropriate treatment (be it cognitive behavioural therapy and/or medication) as they are too embarassed and ashamed to tell their doctor they are so worried about some aspect of their appearance.

He asked, I said yes, flattered because it was the first-time since I was twenty-two that a man other than my husband was interested in me, and not just because I was his wife.

In the waning last years of marriage, my ex and I exchanged friendly-enough pecks but that did not imply the progression of romantic acts.

This kiss, terrible in both chemistry and execution, was no better because my thoughts leaned toward exacting clinical assessment: "First kiss in 20 years from someone other than my ex. I've been trying online dating, mostly under the influence of my ex's words: .

In all that time, I rarely fantasized about another man or woman, or man and woman.

Certainly, Colin Firth might have been imaginatively energizing in .

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