Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

Young Hyun Tae is looking for flight tickets and Announcer Hye Ri is still sad and asks Hyun Tae for drinks.

Life continues, Dong Goo’s father shows up crying in regret, Yoo Mi is still working at the university cafeteria, Jin Wook has taken the cats inside his house while he works on his relationship with his father, being more joyful and playful now that he’s with Yoo Mi.

Her mother looks after her, begging her not to get sick. Jin Wook is in Seoul, and when his father calls, he declines taking the company and that he’ll go after Yoo Mi, because he can’t lose that woman.

Jin Wook’s mother, on the other hand, has put the pieces together and found out who the nutritionist who visited was, and she tells all that to her son, encouraging him to go after the girl he loves. Back in Seoul, Yoo Mi’s mother has another interview, solo this time, and she prepares carefully for this. So he leaves his car and runs (there’s a bit traffic jam) while Yoo Mi rides the scooter at full speed towards the company.

The episode starts with the lovers having fun by the beach, in all their romantic moments and confessions, until Yoo Mi wakes up next to Jin Wook, kissing him goodbye, even if that breaks her heart.XD I am sorry if you are so excited..Title: Sandbank of War Chapter 1 Author: Winter Bubble Tea Genre: Romance Pairing: Yoo Si Jin/David Argus For: chweetcandy05 Summary: The beginning of meetings and the moment of where the end would draw near to tragedy.Pairing: Yoon Myung Joo/ Seo Dae Young Drama: Descendant of the Sun Rating: R Genre: Angst Notation: I think the virus M2 and M3 aren't really listed so they maybe made up.He waited for her three years when he didn’t know her, he’s willing to wait even more for her now.Brokenhearted, Yoo Mi goes back home, alone, aching so much.

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