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It could mean spending time together in other ways normally associated with dating, or living together.It could mean that someone who is into BDSM but has a sexual partner who isn’t has a BDSM partner with whom they do not have sex.When polyamory does involve sex, different people have different agreements. “We can each have (insert number here) other partners under theses conditions…” (condom usage, gender, etc.) “I don't want to know about it.” “I want to know about it.” “I want to know all of the details.” “I get to watch.” “I want to be with you at the same time.” “I want to be with both of you.” "We will all be spouses." You get the idea. That someone is a polyamorist in no way means that they will have sex with anyone and everyone.Some polyamorists see themselves as necessarily part of the LGBT (“LGBTP”) civil rights movement, not because LGBT aren’t monogamous (many are), but because every polyamorous relationship involves at least one same-gender relationship, even if only as a metamour.

The only condition is that you must be a bachelor, single by divorce or a widower. Swinging is when an established couple, triad, quad, etc.participates as a couple or group in encounters with other couples or groups.It can be a form of polyamory but not all polyamory involves swinging.Swapping usually means when one couple swaps partners with another couple, whether for one time or on an ongoing basis.

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