Dating portraits

These sleeves hung loose near the wrist and an under sleeve was always worn. Worth mentioning here is the 1850s 'wrapper.' This usually was thought to be a robe; however, it was also worn as a work-dress. The Garibaldi blouse became popular with a wide waist belt which was either straight or shaped.It was worn with the full hooped skirts of the later 1850s.At the center front of the skirt, there was a special tuck designed to raise the skirt over the toes.The sleeves on the dresses formed the shoulders and were fitted down the arms.

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It’s the perfect time to schedule your family portraits.One style dropped of the shoulder and was lightly gathered at the seam. They were either gathered or buttoned at the wrist.The second sleeve style, in the late 1850s, was called 'pagoda.' This style began off the shoulder and became quite full. It had buttons down the entire front of the dress but did not have a waistband.This blouse was fitted and it buttoned up the front to the neck.It was popular to adorn the edges of the buttoned front, sometimes with an overlapping decoration at the neck.

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