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Be honest and straightforward with him if you have an issue.No guy is perfect, no man is capable of giving you every single thing you need.Here you go: It’s a man’s nature to look, getting on his case shows you’re insecure, which is a huge turn-off.If you find yourself getting jealous whenever a woman is within his vicinity, you need to do an honest check in with yourself.The more you show you appreciate him, the more he’ll try to please you. However, it’s in your best interest to try and be happy and positive. In general, we’re drawn to people who are happy and radiate a positive energy.Wake up with a smile, express gratitude, see the good in your life and in your relationship.This will not only help you in your relationships, but it will make your life better overall.

In 2014 the government announced the “temporary” takeover of two plants belonging to U.

QUIZ: Are you Accidentally Destroying Your Relationship?

Men are much more straightforward than women, if you tell him nothing’s wrong and then pout and mope around waiting for him to press you further, you’ll just cause anger and resentment to build.

There will be times when you’re not happy with something he’s doing. The best strategy is to tell him what it is you want (I love it when you do X) instead of harping on what you don’t want (Why don’t you ever do Y?

) Again, stop looking at the things he isn’t doing and look at what he doing, and then acknowledge and appreciate him for it!

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