Dating by train from beijing

Late bookings CTT will need take another way to buy your train tickets and the resutts is not so good compare with the earlly bookings.

But we will try our best and use all our resorces to get them for you.

Beware that some of them are counterfeit and others are stolen. You are kindly requested to reach the train station at least one hour before your train departure time. You are also requested to go through the security check (luggage check) when you come into the main hall of the train station. Passengers will be permitted on board the train 30 minutes before departure time.Usually the ticket-issuing period is within 12 days, it means the tickets will start to be bought 12 days ago.On Dec.31, 2012, the train authority made the announcement that the present ticket issuing period(12 days) will be extended to the issuing period of 20 days from Jan.04,2015.Stephen Chen covers breakthoughs in science and their impact on society, environment, military, geopolitics, business - pretty much all aspects of life. Stephen is an alumnus of Shantou University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Semester at Sea programme which he attended with a full scholarship from the Seawise Foundation.In his spare time, Stephen reads and writes novels.

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