Dating a yamaha saxophone

Side-by-side with the YAS25, the 275's action feels a bit slicker - though this can be down to something as simple as the profile of the key pearls fitted.

The pads used are of reasonable quality, though I have long had an issue with the relative size of the low D and C key cups in relation to the corresponding tone holes.

Tuning is good throughout the range, the inclusion of a top F# key is useful, as is an adjustable thumbrest. Even with some excellent horns coming out of Taiwan the Yamaha maintains its position as the horn to beat at the price - and any prospective saxophone player should consider it an essential addition to their list of instruments to try out.

I'm seeing quite a few of these horns coming in for general servicing now, and I'm noticing a rather unsettling pattern.

Yamaha have used shoulderless point screws throughout, which mean that wear and tear is constantly adjustable down the years.

Standard rod screws are used for the rest of the action - and it should be noted that Yamahas have always had a good track record with regard to the lack of wear on their keywork. This seems to be a more common practice these days - the idea being that it allows the bell to be removed in the event of damage to the bell section.

The finish on the keywork is good too - though with a few machining marks evident here and there in common with many student model instruments.

Subsequent testing has proved that there is a subtle difference - the new crook gives a warmer tone.

Some people have considered the student Yamahas to be a touch on the bright side tonewise, so this new crook evens the score somewhat, though I found that putting the crook from a YAS25 onto the 275 lifted the tone out considerably without detriment to the tuning.

Just make sure you try the sling out before you buy it.

Yamaha have put a new design of crook on this saxophone - though to be honest I have never had a problem with any of their old designs, and I can't in all honesty say that I noticed any particular difference in the playing response of the instrument in comparison to an earlier model.

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